Click Test 5 Seconds - Check CPS

Find out how many times you can click in 5 seconds with the 5-second click test.







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Test your click speed over 5 seconds and see whether you maintain a rapid click speed for the duration of the test.

Most people find it harder to continuously click at a good speed when clicking for longer. But the faster you click in 5 seconds, the better chance you have of beating your opponents in a game!

Try these methods if you want to click faster in 5 seconds and improve your click speed:

  • Relax your hand: Don't strain! Stay relaxed and you can click softer and faster.
  • Choose a good mouse: Scrap the trackpad and use a soft-clicking mouse to reach faster speeds.
  • Try the jitter clicking technique: Shake your arm and wrist muscles to click faster!
  • Practice often: Try again and keep coming back to test your click speed if you want to improve your score.