Click Test 60 Seconds - Check CPS

Find out how many times you can click in 60 seconds with the 60-second click test.







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Challenge yourself and take the 60 second click test to see how fast you can click in a minute! Clicking at a good speed for one minute is tricky as you have to be consistent for a long period.

Here's how to get better at clicking for 60 seconds so you can win your matches and wow your opponents with a rapid click speed:

  • Stay consistent: Try to maintain a consistent clicking speed throughout the 60-second period. If you click too fast at the beginning, your hand and fingers can get tired, leaving you with a lower score overall.
  • Be gentle: Don't apply too much pressure. Clicking softly will help maintain your energy throughout the 60-second test.
  • Try a drag-clicking technique: Move your finger from the top of your mouse to the edge of it, clicking as you move. Done right, it's the fastest clicking method!