Butterfly Click Test - Butterfly Clicking

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What Is Butterfly Click?

Butterfly clicking is a mouse click method developed by professional Minecraft PvP players that enables players to click on the computer mouse faster. Although this method is widely used in games such as Minecraft that require maximum speed and number of clicks in a short time, the CPS test itself, which is used to measure the number of clicks, has become a highly competitive and addictive online game and digital sport over time.

How to Butterfly Click

The butterfly click method is performed by placing the index and middle fingers together on the left mouse button and clicking them alternately. Resting the remaining fingers on the other mouse button will make the player's job easier.

It should be noted here that both fingers are on the left mouse button and the right button should not be clicked in any way. An ideal butterfly click should occur with two fingers but on a single mouse button.

With the butterfly click method, players can reach up to twice the number of clicks than when performed with one finger, as they benefit from the combination of two fingers clicking nearly simultaneously.

The secret to increasing the number of clicks with the butterfly click method, which is difficult at first, is lots of practice. You will get better over time as your muscles and tendons become more comfortable with the movement.