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What Is a Jitter Click?

Jitter clicking is a method developed by the Minecraft PvP community, enabling players to click a computer mouse quickly. Although this method is widely used for games such as Minecraft that require maximum speed and a high number of clicks in a short time, the CPS test has become a highly competitive online game and a digital sport all by itself. This has led to the emergence of techniques that increase the number of clicks, such as the jitter click and butterfly click techniques.

How to Jitter Click

In the jitter clicking method, arm and wrist muscles should be shaken (or vibrated, as in a constant jitter) while placing the finger on the mouse button. The trick of this technique is to hold the mouse loose while the arm is held steady. In addition, moving the mouse during the swing of the arm and wrist muscles facilitates players' work.

Another factor to be considered in order to increase the number of clicks with this method is the type of mouse used. For a high number of fast clicks, you need to have a durable, well-built mouse. In addition, gamers know that an optical switch mouse provides much faster clicks than mechanical mice.

How to Improve Jitter Clicking

The secret to increasing your CPS score with the jitter clicking method, which is difficult at first, is practicing a lot and learning how to balance the right amount of tension in the arm and wrist muscles for sustained, high-speed jitter.