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What Is the Right-Click CPS Test?

Right Click Test is a kind of CPS (Clicks Per Second) test designed to measure your click speed with the right button of the computer mouse in a certain time and help you improve your speed.

Why Should You Use the Right-Click CPS Test?

Since users use the left click more, obtaining the same CPS score with the right click isn't easy. However, it should not be forgotten that players' right-clicking speed is as important as left-clicking in online computer games.

How to Use the Right-Click CPS Test

To take the test right away, follow a few simple steps below:

  1. Before starting the test, set the time.
  2. Move the cursor to the test area and get ready for the first click.
  3. When the cursor is in the test area, click the right mouse button at maximum speed until the timer expires.
  4. When the timer ends, you will see the result on the screen.