Click Counter - Tally & Number Counting Tool

A free tally counter tool for incrementally counting. You can use this tool to count anything, including the number of mouse clicks or people attending an event.



What is the Online Click Counter?

The Online Click Counter is a free tool you can use to easily count up or down and get a tally count. It can be used for things like counting stock or tracking the number of people attending an event.

The Online Click Counter lets you count above and below zero, so you can count into the minus numbers if you need to. You can have more than one tally counting at once.

The Online Click Counter saves counters to your browser automatically. However, if you clear your browser's cache or use incognito mode, everything will be lost.

You can use the Online Click Counter on your phone, laptop, tablet, or computer.

How to Use the Online Click Counter

Using the Online Click Counter is easy. Simply click the plus button to count up and the minus button to count down. Each time you click the plus or minus, the tally will automatically adjust itself.

To add a new counter, click on the "Add a new counter" button. A new counter will appear that you can use without disrupting your other tally. You can add as many new counters as you need.

To set a tally value, click on the vertical dots, and then hit "Set the Value". Similarly, to set an increment value, click on the vertical dots and then hit "Set the Increment".

To reset the tally, click on the vertical dots, and then hit "Reset Counter". This will bring your total back to zero.

To remove a counter, click on the vertical dots, and then hit "Delete Counter".

Why Use the Online Click Counter?

You can use the Online Click Counter as an easy way of tracking:

  • The number of people entering and exiting your event or venue
  • Stock or inventory in a warehouse or storage facility
  • Foot traffic in a restaurant or retail area
  • Game results and scores
  • Scientific research
  • Prayers